November 4, 2018

[Crucial Convictions] The Basis of our Beliefs | 2 Timothy | Graham Poland

Passage: 2 Timothy 3:10 – 4:5

Crucial Convictions (1)

Notes and Questions for Family Group Leaders

Read 2 Timothy 3:10 – 4:5

1.What are some of the ‘myths’ (see 4:5) that you have heard from sources that claim to be Christian?  What are the dangers associated with these?

(N.B. Note how ‘myths’ are being contrasted in this verse with ‘the truth’.  This may spark discussion as to the ‘arrogance’ of people claiming that they know the truth and should be steered towards the context of ‘the sacred writings’ (3:15) and ‘Scripture’ (3:16) and the points raised on Sunday about God’s truth not just being subjective).

2. The liberal position with regards to Scripture was mentioned on Sunday. Where has this come from and how is it in evidence today?

(N.B. The point was made that the Reformation led to the Enlightenment that, in turn, opened up the Scientific age, exploration and rationalism and the belief that Scripture should be interpreted by our reason.  This has led to questioning the reliability of the Creation account, miracles and, more recently, the Bible’s ethical teaching about marriage, gender (‘he created them male and female’) and other moral absolutes.  This discussion should lead towards accepting the authority of Scripture).

3. How can we be sure that the New Testament is the completion of God’s written revelation? Is Paul not just referring here to the Old Testament Scriptures?

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