October 27, 2019

[Going Deeper with God] Going Deeper in Prayer | Kathryn Edwards, Angela Moore

Prayer is not just talking to God, but a conversation between us and God, so how do we, how do you, hear God speak? Heb 1v1-2

Does God communicate with you in other ways?

What does it mean to pray in the name of Jesus? John 16v23, 2 Cor 5v20

Is it a little like a medical secretary writing a letter on behalf of her doctor where they use 'pp' at the end of the letter...?

What do we need to do to remain in Jesus love? John 15

What can I do to enable my roots to go deeper into God's love? Do I need to change my thinking or my priorities (make myself more available) so that I consciously live more in God's love?

How do we learn to know God's will? Rom 12v1-2; Gal 2v20; 1 John 5v14-15

Where am I passionate to see God's kingdom come?

In my family, my neighbours, my workplace, in our community, in revival? What does God's word tell me that he wants me to do? Has he already spoken to me about this? Is there someone I could pray with about this?

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